A selection from more than 70 articles and chapters in books published

‘Response to Roy Strong, ‘The Renaissance Garden in England Reconsidered: A Survey of Two Decades of Research on the Period 1485-1642’ in Garden History 50:1 (50th Anniversary Special Issue, Autumn, 2022), 134-140.

Chapter on ‘Gardens’ in Early Modern Court Culture, ed. Erin Griffey (Routledge, 2022).

‘ “Splendid Houses”: Elite Living in Tudor and early Stuart London’ in Architect, Patron and Craftsman in Tudor and Early Stuart England: Essays for Malcolm Airs, ed. P S Barnwell and Paula Henderson (Shaun Tyas, 2017), 75-94.

‘ “Elysian Fields Such as the Poets Dreamed Of”: The Mughal Garden in the Early Stuart Mind’ in The Gardens of Renaissance Europe and the Islamic Empires, ed. Mohammad Gharipour (Penn State University Press, 2017).

Chapter on ‘The Gardens and Park’ (with Richard Wheeler) in Hardwick Hall: A Great Old Castle of Romance, eds. David Adshead and David Taylor (The National Trust and Yale University Press, 2016).

Chapter on 'Gardens' for The Cambridge Guides to the Worlds of Shakespeare, Volume I: Shakespeare’s World, edited by Bruce R. Smith (Cambridge University Press and on line, 2016)

Essay on ‘banqueting houses’ for the Oxford Companion to Sweets, edited by Darra Goldstein (published by Oxford University Press, 2014).

‘Clinging to the Past: medievalism in Tudor gardens’, Renaissance Studies (2011).

‘Elysian Fields such as the poets dreamed of’: The Mughal garden in the Early Stuart mind’, The British Art Journal (Spring, 2010).

‘Tudor and Early Stuart Banqueting Houses’, The Magazine Antiques (June, 2006).

‘Robert Cecil, First Earl of Salisbury, and the Gardens at Hatfield House', Museum of Garden History Journal  (Summer, 2005).

‘Location, location, location!: William Cecil’s House in the Strand’ (with Jill Husselby), Architectural History (2002).

‘Icons of the Age: the Loggia’, Gardens Illustrated (November, 2000).

‘The Architecture of the Tudor Garden’, Garden History, (Summer, 1999).

‘Secret Houses and Garden Lodges’, Apollo (July, 1997).

‘Sir Francis Bacon's Water Gardens at Gorhambury’, Garden History, (December, 1992).

‘The Bamboo Curtain’, The World of Interiors (September, 1988): wrote text and provided all photographs for article on Japanese fences.

‘The Roof of the World’, Landscape (January, 1988):  text and provided all photographs for article on Ladakh, India.

‘Tree-top Conceits’, Country Life (December 25, 1986): Renaissance tree-houses.

‘Vidua Was Here’, Country Life (June 19, 1986): 19th century graffiti in Egypt.

‘Life at the Top’, Country Life (January 3, 1985):  Tudor and early Stuart roofscapes.

Forthcoming articles and chapters in books include

‘The “greater delight”: gardens, plants and flowers and the Tudor and Early Stuart Court’ in Susannah Lydon-Whaley, ed, Beautiful Blossoms at the Tudor and Stuart Courts: Floral Culture in Early Modern England (2023).





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